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We have been training customers and using the flex for a while now but we haven’t had it on the site for sale until today.  We are excited to begin offering the Flex Polisher on the website so everyone can have the opportunity to use it.  If you are a DIY kinda person then you are going to love the results of using the Flex over a traditional high speed rotary buffer or even applying a wax by hand.  With you Flex you are going to be able to achieve the same scratch removing results as you would when using a buffer but you are going to do it with out the risk of swirling your paint.
We see so many vehicles that could use a good polish to help reduce spider webbing or swirls on paint but I’m sure the owners just simply don’t have the right tools to get the job done.  Many people might think that you need to have a high speed buffer to polish paint but this is an archaic theory.   The Flex Polisher achieves its results because it has a true dual action motion. The pad moves in a forced rotation that keeps moving even when you put some pressure on the machine. This forced circular motion reduces vibration. No more jiggling! The FLEX Polisher operates smoothly because of the controlled motion of the pad.

When you talk to people about a dual action you will hear a term “stroke” which refers to the size of the orbit.  On many dual action polishers, this is a very small distance and therefore you feel a jiggling motion. On the FLEX polisher, the stroke length is 8 mm, a huge distance in terms of orbital polishers! This helps you be able to quickly and safely remove any scratches, swirls or holograms.

One of the main differences between a traditional high speed buffer and the Flex Polisher is the direct orbital drive.  Because of this the Flex produces very little heat on the paint surface, which is ideally suited to temperature-sensitive finishes (i.e., “soft” clear coats). The FLEX  Polisher aliviates the concern of damaging a vehicle because when using its almost impossible to burn the paint!

The FLEX Orbital Polisher is ideal for novices and pros alike.  Its so easy even this guy can use it….

its so easy even this guy can use it

its so easy even this guy can use it