Car Brite Waxes Polishes

Final Finish Cleaner Wax – QUART    



Final Finish is an easy-to-use, VOC compliant, liquid glaze & protectant with carnauba wax.  Its unique blend of silicone, carnauba wax and mild abrasives work together to remove light surface imperfections while restoring luster and providing a durable protective barrier in one easy step. Restores the luster of painted surfaces by removing light surface imperfections while applying a wax to protect against contaminants and harmful UV rays.









Nano Spray Wax – GALLON

This is truly an amazing product.  If your looking for a quick way of producing high gloss with easy of use and leaving some UV protection on your paint…then you need Nano Spray Wax.   Its patented no-haze formula utilizes tiny nano-sized carnauba wax particles to penetrate deeper into the paint surface, providing better protection. Special conditioning agents provide a deep and glossy shine that rejuvenates the look of your paint and lasts longer than conventional spray waxes. Plus, UV absorbing technology provides additional protection against harmful sun rays.

Key Benefits

  • Generates excellent depth of gloss
  • Fast drying time promotes quick, streak-free residue removal
  • Provides enhanced protection against surface contaminants and UV rays
  • Can be used in the sun or shade
  • Petroleum solvent-free



Wipe & Shine – GALLON



One of our best selling products!!  This is a #1 must have show room shine.  Our customers have put it to the test against all other spray waxes and show room shine products from Meguiars, Turtle Wax, and other Major Detail Product Lines.  Wipe & Shine comes back as a customer favorite every time!!!!


Key Benefits:
  • Spray on-wipe off formula is fast and easy-to-use
  • Quickly removes light surface contaminants
  • Renews wax shine and maintains “just waxed look” without any white residue
  • Versatile product that can be used on paint, chrome, vinyl and glass
  • Provides moderate protection against UV rays


Wax-As-U-Dry –  GALLON



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Wax-As-U-Dry is one of the most exciting new Car Brite Products on the market.  If you need to fluff a sold car or simply keeping up the gloss at home, this is an exceptional product.  You can spray the product on a wet vehicle and then simply come back over and wipe the paint back down to leave a high gloss shine.  You will receive about two – three weeks of UV Protection and depth of gloss when using Wax-As-U-Dry.  The difference between this product and other spray waxes is that there is NO dusting residue!!!

Key Benefits:
  • Can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces
  • Can be safely applied to paint, glass, bumpers and moldings
  • Generates excellent depth of gloss with no residue
  • Fast drying time reduces shop labor costs
  • Provides protection against surface contaminants and UV rays




Car Brite Nano Wax-  QUART


Many of our shops use this as an incredible one step polish and wax.  It is hard to describe how Nano Wax can transform your vehicles paint….you have to see it to believe it.  Nano Wax A high quality polymer-based sealant formulated for all clear coated and single stage paint finishes. Excellent for protecting against bird droppings and acid rain. Produces incredible depth and long lasting gloss while filling hairline scratches and swirl marks. Leaves no white residue.


Key Benefits:
  • Advanced nano technology compatible with all paint types
  • Produces extremely smooth surface and excellent depth of gloss
  • Provides protection against surface contaminants and UV rays
  • Nano sized wax particles fill scratches too fine for traditional waxes.


Weather Shield Paint Sealant – QUART

In order to help you protect from environmental hazards that wage war on your paint you are going to need a Weather Shield.  Car Brite’s most durable paint sealant now available to protect you from bird droppings, tree sap, water spots, tar, bugs, acid rain and UV rays that dull out paint.  Traditional waxes that contain carnauba will only last a couple of weeks but Weather Shield will protect your paint for around three months.

Key Benefits:
  • Car Brite’s most durable final finish product
  • Produces deep, rich gloss
  • Provides protection against surface contaminants and UV rays




SLEEK – Black Car Polish/Wax  – QUART



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Sleek is a very mild, moderately durable, lotion Polish/Wax. If you have a dark colored car then you most likely have “spider web” markings.  How do you know?  On a sunny day, try and use your paint as a reflection of the sun.  Look for the sun in your paint…when you do that you will see what looks like a big giant web…many people confuse these as swirl marks.  But these are known as Spider Webbing in your paint. When you apply Sleek you will be visibly removing these paint imperfections.

Key Benefits:

  • Removes light scratches, oxidation and swirl marks
  • Generates deep gloss
  • Creates barrier that protects paint from UV rays and surface contaminants
  • Very little product needed, which prevents pads from becoming saturated
  • Easy to use, and residue easy to remove


Quick Seal – QUART

Quick Seal



Car Brite Quick Seal is a “shake and go” liquid that contains silicone, produces gloss and provides moderate protection.  Shake Up Waxes are popular for fluffing a car at a dealership or at home in between your regular wax application.  Before you go to the auto parts store and buy Turtle Wax Ice you must try Quick Seal…you will see a massive difference in the shine it produces and unlike other shake up waxes Quick Seal does not leave white residue dust all over the car.  
KEY FEATURES: • White liquid • Contains silicone, solvents and polymers • Cleans and shines






Microfiber Towels

You just spent time polishing and shining your vehicle’s paint so don’t mess it up with the incorrect towels.  If you don’t use the correct towels you can leave hairline scratches in your clear coat….which is a no no.  Make sure you use a great quality microfiber towel and make sure you keep rotating your towels.  We have one of the best microfiber towels at an extremely great price.  Our microfiber towels are a revolutinary polyester/polymide fabric which is 100 times finer than human hair, containing 90,000 microfibers per square inch.
Key Benefits:
  • Lint free
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Each microfiber towel measures: 16″ x 16″ (40cm x 40cm)
  • 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
  • Available in blue, green, yellow, or orange